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How to choose the living room lamps?


Compared with the previous attention to the safety of home life, living in the modern we pay more attention to the comfort and beauty of home in addition to the security of home. How to choose the living room lamps? These considerations need to be known.

Living room as the main part of the home, most people are willing to spend more time to dress it, and the living room decoration style can also be a good display of the owner's home aesthetic. To better decorate a space, the role of lamps must not be ignored. Sometimes lamps and lanterns look unremarkable, but sometimes lamps and lanterns can help improve the style of home, but sometimes it will play a counterproductive role, which is also the result of the lamp purchase is not noticed. So how to choose the living room lamps? These considerations need to be known.

01 Pick up better lighting In more and more attention to aesthetic now, we also pay more and more attention to the texture of home life, and lighting can just let us experience different texture. When purchasing lamps, we must pay attention to whether the lighting is soft, according to their er needs to choose different color temperature lighting can also bring different visual feelings to home life, but also to avoid the harm of blue light stroboscopic, select better lighting will make the whole room more textured. Atmospheric simple modeling, not noisy complex, but also can illuminate the taste of home; brightness color temperature can be regulated, with different atmosphere scenes, but also insect mosquitoes, color up to Ra95, restore the original color; At the same time can also be intelligent control, can use Tmall Elf, Xiaomi, Xiao Ai and other voice control, no need to manually turn on the light.

02 Based on living room size Don't buy when you buy, you should buy according to the size of the living room. If it is space comparison nature to choose a larger size of lamps, not only in the space size more matching, but also can help effectively illuminate the living room area, avoid dark areas. Similarly, if the smaller size of the living room to choose a smaller size, avoid excessive visual attention, anti-guest. With high-grade gray and chic wooden border design, formed a sharp contrast, brimming with a strong taste of youth, very good to improve the face of the whole decoration; there are three colors and different sizes, can be customized according to different patterns; ceiling lamp is the use of high-permeable acrylic lampshade, and high-temperature baking paint iron lamp body, quality assurance. lamp body with its own shape, can be freely 45 degrees adjustment, adjusted for their favorite shape; there are two colors can be selected, are brown and black; lamp body with 2.0 cm wide molding aluminum, the overall effect is better, heat dissipation is also very good, light source service life is longer; color temperature and brightness can be freely controlled, white light, neutral light, warm light.

03 Same living room style To create a high-style living room space, the first thing to do is the unified living room style. After determining the living room style also want to let the lamp style and the living room style consistent, creates the simple wind then uses the simple wind lamp, wants to create the luxurious edition living room, may choose the luxurious light decoration. Choose the same style lighting and living room lighting can make the whole living room style more unified, but also help to effectively enhance the style. have iron art baking paint lamp body, more bright color, can resist rust and anticorrosion, with natural rubber wood, texture clear, not cracking, both insect-proof and moisture-proof; highlight LED bright light, of course will not dazzle, there are three kinds of light can be selected; high and low Huxing can be used, do not worry. Made of copper, not afraid of years, precision welding, very solid and secure; with 11 cm Austria A crystal lampshade, free of other impurities, refraction effect is excellent, can show colorful brilliance; tall and short Huxing are used, no need to worry, there are five sizes to choose from, and there are 9/12/15/18, four lights can let you choose.

As our demand for lamps is getting higher and higher, the market of lamps is also being continuously developed. The lights on the market are also mixed, whether it is the details of the function, quality or price is not the same, there are many holes. Want to choose a better quality and more satisfying lamp, first of all can not be greedy for cheap, through the functional details and quality of comparison between the three, can choose more satisfactory lamps. In addition, we should pay attention to check the product information of lamps, manufacturers information is not complete, avoid buying three no inferior products.

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