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These three lamps are the family are the most useless


Lamp is an indispensable tool in modern life, even in many small and dark Huxing main lighting tools. I never object to the installation of lamps in the decoration, and even advocate that we install a little more lights, as far as possible to achieve no dead angle, a variety of brightness, multi-point control is the best. But the claim that more does not mean the more the better, not to mention the chaos without rules. In the decoration, there are some lamps, check in almost never opened. This kind of lamps and lanterns should be avoided as far as we can, because they are loaded for nothing.

[Decorative light] In the field of interior design, it is true that there are decorative lights. For example, the following photo, decorative painting with lighting, can make the painting more beautiful .

 But this kind of lamp is not recommended to be installed at home, because the utility is too small. No one will turn on a light for good-looking, especially after two or three years. Fresh, this lamp to play decorative lighting, it is completely decorated !! wrong, it is not all furnishings, but also increase your cleaning task. To avoid the appearance of this pure decorative light, we first have to give up the decoration that needs light. Some ornaments, even furniture, are born to match the lights. No light is not good-looking, installed light is not good. Just give up these things, you don't have to think about good-looking or easy to use.

 [Colour light] Have been wondering why people like to install color lights at home, don't you think the home as pink, green, blue, appear very hillbilly? Even some people installed in the home can be flashing small lights, their home dressed as the last century Carla ok look, really do not know what to pursue! Colorful lights are the least practical. First, you don't always turn them on, even when a guest comes !! even the decorative lights we say above can be turned on to show off when someone comes. Second, when you really need a little light, turn on this color lamps, will also bring their own eyes a lot of damage. The lights in the home only need two colors, one white, which is used as the main light source and turns on every night. A warm yellow, used as an eye-protecting, hypnotic light before bedtime, can be turned on when light is needed but not too bright.

[Multiple connected lamps] Some users will put a circle of small lights on the ceiling of the living room and bedroom, or a few small lights on the ceiling of the gateway. I don't object to this, after all, sometimes we need to use them to aid lighting. but please do not string them together and use the same open key control. Every time I turn on this circle of lights, I want to cover my dog's eyes and lie on the ground rolling. It's too bright, okay! In fact, small lamps are the most comfortable, we just separate these small lights, each time only turn on a part, you can adjust the indoor brightness according to their own needs. Isn't the use of a number of small lights in the design of the main lamp?

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