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How to clean the chandelie£¿


Chandeliers installed at home look beautiful and atmospheric, but over time, they are prone to dust. How does that chandelier clean?

1. wear a pair of gloves to wipe the chandelier. First turn off the power. Then put on gloves on both hands, wet one of the gloves with detergent or mixed solution, the other gloves to keep dry. When wiping the chandelier, wipe it with a wet glove first, then dry it with dry gloves. With gloves on, the chandelier's usually hard-to-reach corners can now be wiped clean by sticking your fingers in.

2.The toothpick rubbed the frosted glass lampshade. Wrap a layer of soft cloth outside the toothpick, and then dip in the toothpaste to easily wipe off the dirt hidden in the recess.

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