Set design, production, sales in one of the professional electrical lighting enterprises.
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Company Core values

we look the attitude of making lights as that of life.we bring the values of life to our activities. In this way, we have formed our company core values.those are respect,honesty,service and quality.


Respect is needed in our ordinary life,which is the same to our business and management.In every procedure of our operation,we need sincere respect.Because of  respect,we stay together with our customers and staff, to seek a new or better development in the future.Thus harmony and joint development are the aims of respect.


We believe honesty is the base of a human.lost it means lost developping opportunity.therefor,honesty is a moral requirement to every member.Honesty makes trust,and trust makes bosom friends. We tread our customers and staff as friends,and want these relationship last long and create achievements.


services accompany us all life long. The manner of service creates impression,and the impression desides the developing room most of the time.From this point,we have realized only offering high quality service in every procedure that we can make good service and satisfy our customers.


We think the quality is not the thing just saying,but also the behave anytime,and every behave of the staff effect our product¡¯s quality.So we have put great attentions to our staff,ask them to be more hard, more rigorous and more creative.We believe what kind of man,what kind of product.