Set design, production, sales in one of the professional electrical lighting enterprises.
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The origin of Luoka

Why we use the name of Luoka.the name of Luoka came from a story and the wish of us.

A story:Luoka was founded by a few bosom friends.When most of them were in college, they gathered at a luoka mountain, and made a agreement to found a venture,they called it Luoka dream.after their  graduation, they started from scratch, striving for the Luoka dream.After years of hard work,they founded their venture and realized their Luoka dream.So they name it Luoka.

A wish:the pronunciation of Luoka is similar to a chinese word of ¡°lejia¡±, which means make the family happy.By the quality and design of our lights,we wish not only offer our user a real product,giving them bright, but also give happyness to their family.that is the wish of Luoka.

Logo's Meaning

represent business type

in order to show the business type of us ,we designed our logo  as  a  table lamp. It tells we are the company committed to home lighting. 

Reprsent our attitude to outside

The table lamp is designed as an arc.Arc is an open symbol,reprsenting our magnanimousness and curiousness to the outside, and also reflecting we hope a common development with the ouside world.

Represent our dreams

In China,arc like circle,symbolize united and harmonious,which are the dreams of us.Because we hope our staff,cooperaters and users can enjoy the happiness of united and harmonious throughout the activities of us.